Milagros Mensah

Executive Director (Run for a Cure Africa Ghana)

Milagros Mensah is a native Venezuelan, and has been involved with Run For A Cure Africa since its inception, first as a volunteer while living in Nigeria and then as a founding member of RFCA Ghana where she moved in 2011 with her husband and three children. Her passion for RFCA derives from her personal experience, having lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age. She learned first hand the impact of the disease and vowed to focus her energy contributing to win the fight against breast cancer.

Milagros graduated with a degree in Economics, and for the last 25 years she has linked her education background and leadership skills with her passion for volunteering and non-profit work. She has actively contributed in many organizations throughout her globetrotting years with her family. Ghana, the native country of her husband, is now home, and it has provided the perfect opportunity to cement her philanthropic calling for the long term.